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Club Development Grant 2023

The Club Development Grant funding is intended to help clubs/sporting organisations to increase the levels of participation in physical activity,
especially amongst those who are not currently participating, with particular emphasis on Galway Sports Partnership’s main target groups;
women & girls, older adults, people who are unemployed, disadvantaged groups and people from disadvantaged areas and people with disabilities. (click on the word Club Development Grant above to access online form)

This funding is for all sports clubs, sporting and community organisations in Galway city and county,
but priority will be given to those who are newly established or are 1 year or less in existence.

This fund is to support clubs and organisations expand and develop in the areas that support our
main target groups getting active and introduced to the club for future membership.

1. Applications can be submitted for coach and volunteer training, purchase of equipment and other costs
associated with the establishment of the club or group but not including insurance costs and registration costs. If equipment is required to run such programmes, the cost of this cannot exceed 25% of the overall cost of the programme and cannot be for personal equipment

2. Applications can be submitted for launching a new programme to engage a target group in the area relating to the club.
Any associated costs for running the programme can be applied for excluding insurance, registration costs or any other costs noted in criteria below.

3. Maximum amount to be allocated to any one application is €2,500.

4. Only one application per club/group is accepted. Funding for this programme is provided by SPORT IRELAND.
The Closing date for receipt of applications is Sunday 7th May 2023 at 11.59pm

Funding for this programme is provided by SPORT IRELAND.
The Closing date for receipt of applications is Sunday 7th May 2023 at 11.59pm

Eligible applicants must:

  1. Be based in the administrative areas of Galway City and Galway County Councils.

  2. Operate as a not-for-profit club/organisation open to public membership.

  3. Be a club/organisation with a constitution or equivalent documentation or in the case of a new club an operation plan that includes policies and practices that encourage participation regardless of gender, age, race or ability.

  4. Be registered with Galway Sports Partnership (register here).

  5. Where the programme involves children (ie. Persons up to 18 yrs of age), club/group must operate under best practice for children in sport – members of the club/group must have attended a Safeguarding 1 or equivalent. Club/group must have a trained Children’s Officer in place,and have a Child Protection policy.

  6. Clubs/groups must have suitable insurance cover for their activities and any Programmes/Training they wish to run. As part of the terms and conditions of the grant drawdown, you are required to have Galway County Council indemnified on your public liability insurance. We require indemnification by all applicants awarded funding. It is Galway County Council policy to look for a letter of indemnity whenever money is allocated towards the cost of purchasing equipment/projects.

  7. Demonstrate how a successful application would increase sustainable participation in physical activityIn all instances above, sustainability is important to any physical activity programme that GSP is involved in through funding or otherwise.

Applicants should show the sustainability of the programme and/or the sustainability of the participants taking part in the activities once the programme is complete and this funding is spent.

Only one application per club/group will be considered.
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